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Machinery and equipment buying guide
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2015-08-31

Machinery and equipment is the higher price of durable production equipment, its quality and service determines whether you are comfortable with and have peace of mind. Currently, the domestic shoe market brand very much, giving you the choice of a lot of inconvenience and annoyance. Dapeng machine for your consumption navigation, allowing you to plainly consumption.
Wang brand is a symbol of enterprise technology, quality, service and reputation. A good brand can guarantee good quality. A good brand needs the support of technology, knowledge and experience. Therefore, the purchase of machinery and equipment, depending on whether the brand has a certain level of firm size and design and development, product quality and components if the quality (or absence through a number of national and international quality system certification), the availability of good service and reputation and so on. Best to choose the leading brand value, sales, market share and other aspects of the machine brands.

Appearance has to some extent represents the level of an enterprise. Outside to the inside, from the inside to the outside, a clear grasp of Italian genuine parts, each refined microscopic parts and exquisite craftsmanship, excellent machine not only have a good face, but always subtle refinement is completed. Good quality requires a high level of technology, sophisticated production equipment, outstanding talent for protection.
Smell a calm heart "heart" is the key to reflect the quality of the machine

Exogenous excellent machine always show in the nuances unique, quiet noise, light operator action, always giving a pleasant mood. Enterprise level also make products show reliability, stability, durable use, allowing customers more secure.
Q. If you are familiar with the industry's reputation, of course, well known ORMAC, FAV, SABAL in backbone distinguished position in the world and represented connotation. You can also ask a wide range of domestic and international footwear industry veteran, in order to learn the identity of their prominent international footwear industry.

Service sector famous shoes machine saying: "Three products, seven service", we can see that the service is essential in the machine purchase process. To a future period commencing from the use of more than 10 years of life, the service should also be accompanied always. Therefore, when purchasing the machine, be sure to look the business service network more than enough, enough regular service teams, professional service processes enough, there is no innovation, and so on technical services.

Cut success stems from trying. We prepared a sufficient condition to meet your test feeling. Whether large as an international standard vertical lines, little to each machine, we are full of character exhibition center ready. You can for each machine detailed observations and enjoy try to verify whether the product comply with your request.

The overall strength of the product is the enterprise experience, you can not compare the number of patents companies, the level of product development, production and processing capacity, quality service personnel, corporate culture, business development path, it can be compared to the performance of the product, price, place winning, but also a place to reflect outstanding business people from each of your contacts.

The price is more concerned about customer problems, and the price is not only the purchase price, but from the overall quality of the product: age, maintenance costs, brand value (recognized by customers' customers) and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. Dapeng machine operated by all durable and reliable products, effective use of time more than 10 years and even 30 years, quality has guarantee is to select a long-term interests.

Conclusion: equipment for enterprises to create wealth. Choose a good equipment, not only represents the comprehensive strength and direction of development, but also represents the company's pursuit. Good equipment and services only to avoid recurring failures caused by man and the whole plant / full workshop downtime waste, and extended product life under proper maintenance, so that your interests more secure.

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