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SABAL S.P.A was founded in 1977,whose headquarters was located in Italy vigevano city.SABAL S.P.A is a famous shoe machine manufactor,and it is the first company to design and manufacture automatic heel nailing sequence equipment in the world.
SABAL with nearly 40 years experience of manufacture shoe machine,its produces with dozens of technical invention patent,and sell well at over eighty country and district in the world. Enjoy great popularity at the shoe machine area,especially in women shoe making machine area,SABAL is the king.SABAL machine is the best choose for high-end fashion women shoemaking,it had made a ton of contributionsfor world's women shoemaking.
SABAL machinery was ones of the pioneer to response China's reform and opening up policy,the first batch international high technology machinery company into Chinese market,it's Poster child of Chinese attract foreign advanced technology.At the same time,it make Chinese foorwear indu-stry directly from the era of “Green train” speed upto the “High-Speed Rail age”,Greatly promote Chinese foorwear industry progress from big shoemaking nation to powerful nation of shoemaking.
In 1999,SABAL machinery power Chinese foorwear industry again,It establish technical cooperation relationship with DSL-TECH,successively in Wenzhou economic and technological development district,airport two production base to manufacture it's advance produces,make the consumer more convenient to used international advanced technology.
Italy SABAL machinery enjoy great popularity because of it's unique performance,safety,durability,lower cost.As the same time,it become the imitate object in the shoemaking machine industry,and we carefully remind our consumers to avoid losses,forest brave the trademark of “SABAL”,beware of counterfeit.

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