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Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd

Rocmachine possess unique values itself and has the big ambitions for success, who think the sports as the subject of the corporate image, consider the “Army+School+Family” as the core of the enterprise culture, and believe China’s Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism as our ideological system.

Rocmachine group stick to the inner beliefs, pursuit of the excellence constantly, and keep on coming down to earth momently to make a good example for the industry, does the enterprise mission for leading the footwear industries to be sound development, and try to strengthen internal quality continually to serve you whole heartedly by a thankful heart! Choose Rocmachine like a tiger with wings! Choose Rocmachine as to choose a pragmatic, responsible, and credible shoes machine supplier or a reliable and respectable person who leading the shoes industry.

Rocmachine’s people not matter the attitude to person ,things or the enterprise pursuit and belief, both for our objective, or strongly action, whether it is business positioning and development opportunities, but also the will of realize great achievements or accomplishments...... Rocmachine’s people will playing everything.

Rocmachine’s totem is the eagle, means our company as an eagle with a lofty inside, sharp and can restores the change of all things; Also as an eagle with strong and sensitive body, at the same time has the eagle’s power, have able to annihilate the drag simply and thoroughly;Also we should have the speed of eagle who have able to win easily and quickly.

We still in cooperation with the great partners in the word,and promote the development and progress of the industry. ORMAC, Alberti and SABAL are the top world-renowned experts, some of them have been found more than 70 years. We sure that only believe professional and history that we can create history and achieve the brilliant tomorrow.

We pay attention to you, cherish the special relations, and endeavor to build a long term cooperation strategic partnership. Typical Customers:Huajian Group, Yongjing Group,  Le Saunda, Gaoyi shoes ,yongyi Shoe,New intent Shoes,New belle,Top Score shoe,HARSON,Saturday Shoes,Shengkaina Shoes , etc.

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