Unique Feature


  • High-end equipment integration, no distance service
  • Choose Rocmachine such as tiger with wing
  • Be down-to-earth, set a good example to the industry
  • Leading the healthy development of the shoe-making industry
  • Shoes world trust and respect of equipment suppliers


  • 100% made in Italy
  • Over 60 years
  • UNIEN ISO 9001/2008
  • Using ORAMC, I’d never been left wanting more


  • Little round knife, Big world
  • Harley spirit heritage
  • Legend machine
  • Endowed with soul and vitalitg


  • Standards enterprise
  • Cooperation for 15 years
  • ISO9002 quality system
  • Export enterprise


  • First design and manufacture automatic heel nailing in the world
  • Sell over 80 country and district
  • The best choose for women shoemaking
  • The imitate abject

Brand products Series

Rocmachine possess unique values itself and has the big ambitions for success, who think the sports as the subject of the corporate image, consider the “Army+School+Family” as the core of the enterprise culture, and believe China’s Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism as our ideological system. Rocmachine group stick to the inner beliefs, pursuit of the excellence constantly, and keep on coming down to earth momently to make a good example for the industry, does the enterprise mission for leading the footwear industries to be sound development, and try to strengthen internal quality continually to serve you whole heartedly by a thankful heart! Choose Rocmachine like a tiger with......
  • The carefully designed d-689as computer in the backhand
    The carefully designed d-689as computer in the backhand
    D-689as in help to understand! Textron technology limited (dsl-tech) was establ..
  • Texaco long production base
    Texaco long production base
    Textron technology limited (dsl-tech) was established in 1995. Since its establ..
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