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Guangdong will promote large-scale enterprise "machine Substitution"
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2015-08-31

Three years, three-step, among the world's manufacturing power, which is "Made in China 2025" put forward the vision of goals, but also to tens of thousands of Chinese manufacturing enterprises set off the horn sounded.

In fact, the PRD is undoubtedly one of the best viewing platform - in this case, both Huawei, ZTE, Midea, Galanz such multinational enterprise level, there are many innovative high-tech manufacturing enterprises and traditional labor-intensive enterprises. They both still struggling to cope with continuing downward pressure on the global economy, but also to explore different levels to explore the "Made in China 2025," the practice of the road.

Committed to technological innovation

Earlier this year, a "Chinese electric bus into the Japanese market," the news caused concern at home and abroad. Commercial Vehicle Sales, general manager of BYD Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. Wang Jie said that this year the total supply companies market electric buses will reach 6,000 units, more than double last year. In his view, as the global auto market pursuers, new energy vehicles not only "Made in China 2025" in an important part, but also the Chinese auto companies to "turn overtaking" the idea to catch up with European and American countries where car prices breach "In this area we are at the exploratory stage, who's stronger innovation ability, the ability to innovate is stronger, who will run in the front."

In the Pearl River Delta, cities are turned innovation into their core development mission. In export-processing mode known Dongguan Mayor Yuan Baocheng said in recent years, due to the sluggish US and European economies, export orders have fallen sharply, local traditional development model of economic development bottlenecks encountered, "We are deeply aware that the traditional development mode of dividend has come to an end, the power of a new round of economic development must rely on scientific and technological innovation, we are to find ways to create a suitable business innovation and market environment. "

In the Pearl River Delta, a number of companies have the technological innovation as the core driving force to seize the commanding heights of global industry. Now, in the streets of China, Huawei cell phone has replaced the multinational brands as "arcade" of the situation. Huawei rotating CEO HuHouKun said, only in the past year, Huawei's R & D investment reached 40.8 billion yuan, accounting for 14% of corporate revenue, which makes the technology investment business since 2005, a total of more than 190 billion yuan.

Comparative Advantage replace older

In the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan and Foshan are two industrial layout and corporate structure "distinct" of the city, but now many companies in the two cities to focus on doing one thing - the construction of "unmanned factory."

In Dongguan Songshan Lake EPI Precision Technology Co., Ltd. now is busy workshop of the newly established 1000 robot installation. Chairman Chen Qi Xing said that after these robots installed, the total number of employment-related workshops will be large-scale compression about 90%.

Also look at the installation of a completely different class robot in Foshan, Shun De Kai Heng Motor Co. Department of Personnel Administration and Operations Manager Chen Yu said the company, more than a year to increase its production capacity by 50%, saving 70% staff in the future may use this as the basis to achieve docking with things, the development of a higher level of information for manufacturing ability.

In expert opinion, "Made in China 2025" another major role is to promote Chinese manufacturing enterprises to further accelerate the industry's comparative advantage "replacement of old." Shenzhen Adtech Co. 李悦伟 director of technical marketing, said: "In the past China's labor market is very abundant, the demand for robots is relatively small PRD current development indicates that the market is Forced robotics, intelligent equipment industry to achieve more breakthroughs. More localization. "

In fact, the strong stimulation of market demand, have spurred, led to the rapid development of a number of smart devices business. In March this year, the Guangdong provincial government issued the "Guangdong Province upgrading industrial restructuring campaign year Action Plan (2015- 2017)", and strive to the end of 2017, a total of 20,000 guide, more than 50% of industrial enterprises above designated size new one round transformation, three years totaled 943 billion yuan industrial investment in technological transformation and promote the industrial enterprises above designated size 1950 to carry out "machine substitutions." One can imagine, in the "Made in China 2025" to promote future PRD will soon be a new smart device industry investment and development climax.

Open to meet global competition

On March this year Electronics Show, held in Hannover, Germany, and Chinese enterprises in a row around the "Made in China 2025", "Industry 4.0" theme launched extensive cooperation has become a major attraction. The world's leading science and technology application and development institutions, industry and information technology companies in Germany Frankfurt ESK business division manager Mick Hyde Ridge, said that the center has been located in the Pearl River Delta region of Huawei and ZTE signed a number of cooperation agreements with the headquarters. In his view, Industry 4.0 era and Chinese companies choose to start in-depth cooperation is an inevitable choice for German companies.

Industry experts generally believe that with China's manufacturing its own characteristics, based on the overall vitality stimulate advanced technologies and high-end traditional labor-intensive industries, "Made in China 2025" and "Industry 4.0" and other international advanced manufacturing development conception of both similarities place, there are very different, but on the future prospects look, "Made in China 2025" is fully sufficient potential to develop into a global high-end manufacturing stage win-win cooperation, and in this process, a group of local Chinese multinationals will also be along with development, growth, among the world's high-end industrial arena.

At present, the Pearl River Delta region has a number of enterprises toward the front of "transnational giants" direction confidence lines. The past three years in a row to become president Shi Lirong ZTE patent filings worldwide top three companies said last year, this enterprise revenue from the international market reached 18.438 billion yuan, accounting for 48.91% of total revenue. Now, from high-speed rail line to 4G network construction, access to mobile Internet from the plane, from the practical experience of domestic operations and construction, ZTE has become the global market to seize the high ground of a powerful weapon, and for the number of international market rules to master, it is enterprises "going out" to become the global communications industry, "game leader" an important support.


March this year, the Guangdong provincial government issued the "Guangdong Province upgrading industrial transformation battle three-year action plan (2015- 2017)", and strive to the end of 2017, a total of 20,000 guide, more than 50% of industrial enterprises above designated size new one round transformation, three years totaled 943 billion yuan industrial investment in technological transformation and promote the industrial enterprises above designated size 1950 to carry out "machine substitutions."

News Background

"Made in China 2025" issued a clear roadmap for manufacturing power

"Made in China 2025" officially announced on the 19th, put forward by the "three-step" manufacturing power to achieve strategic objectives. Among them, 2025 into the ranks of the first stage of manufacturing power target.

"Made in China 2025" clearly put forward, to 2025 into the ranks of manufacturing power, in 2035 the manufacturing sector as a whole to reach the world's manufacturing powerhouse camp moderate level, the new China was founded a century of great power status when manufacturing more consolidated, comprehensive strength into the world manufacturing power forefront.

"This means that by 2025, China's overall index close to Germany, manufacturing power level of industrialization in Japan when, basically accomplish industrialization into the world's manufacturing powerhouse second phalanx." Minister of Industry and Miao Wei said.

Transition from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, not only the vision, but also an urgent need for real development. Currently, developed countries have to develop in order to revitalize the manufacturing sector as the core of re-industrialization strategy to promote high-end manufacturing reflux. At the same time, low-income countries rely on resources, labor and other advantages, at a lower cost to undertake labor-intensive manufacturing transfer to China form a "two-way squeeze" challenges.

"Proposed manufacturing power, which is not simply to support industry, but stressed that the mobilization of all forces can be mobilized to stimulate innovation, driven by the manufacturing sector as well as to enhance the country's competitiveness." Deputy Director of the Ministry of Planning Division, North Light Lee believes that a measure of manufacturing power standards including those with strong industrial scale and optimize the industrial structure, good quality and efficiency and sustainable development capability, which is the core of innovation.

At present, China has built a relatively complete industrial system, industrial scale share of around 20% of total world manufacturing, but the lack of innovation, "big but not strong" position is still in. In this regard, the "Made in China 2025" proposed to increase the national manufacturing innovation capacity, promote information technology and industrialization, the depth of integration, strengthening the industrial base capability nine strategic tasks and priorities, and clearly intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing, high-end equipment Five major engineering innovation.

"Among them, the intelligent manufacturing will be the main direction." Said Miao Wei, the Ministry is involved in national organizations on intelligent manufacturing major engineering study is expected to take three years, selection of priority areas, select some regions, industries do the pilot and demonstration exploration, Promoting intelligent manufacturing development.

In addition, China will from institutional reform to create a fair competitive market environment, improve the financial support policies, increase support for various aspects of fiscal policy and so on, to protect and support the manufacturing industry.

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