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Works of this truth, the status quo of the policy
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2015-09-04

Works of this truth, the status quo of the policy
                                                                            - Dapeng machine
Change the situation in 2014, we see China and punish corruption reforms determination and hope, but also ushered in a dispute between Russia and Ukraine, the slowdown in oil prices, global demand growth, the central bank cut interest rates despite the end be a small irritation, but in any case stimulus, business will become harder, competition will be more incandescent, especially China demographic dividend disappear labor-intensive footwear industry to the level of developed countries did not, it is worse, difficult. 2015 in order to survive or to live better, only the products and services to achieve the ultimate return to the source of things, affairs of this truth, is changing the policy!
China's footwear industry has experienced growth of about two decades of brutal, has been a bottleneck to the development of many of the early gangster footwear is no longer an early scene, even the sale of the plant, dismal. There are words for the card:
Merits and demerits of who wins? Know past.
Path not pass last night, brave old hero painful.
Rockery luxury car should be still in, but the owner changed.
Asked the king may have two tears? Many worry just added the world.
However, the footwear is really no future yet? Really there is no breakthrough, the rebirth of this opportunity to renew it? Have been in people who have experienced a roller coaster experience, (especially the experience in Hong Kong Disneyland and Zhuhai had long-long) had all the tension, anxiety and restlessness in a few minutes after that screams to be released, but this tip called early in the 2008 financial crisis to get the exercise, since storms are not really anything. When you want to give up, there must be "extremely difficult thing to have to be bold," the courage and strong faith. Mature consumer market, the crisis is a turning point, people are forced out, to analyze the difficulties, especially his own strengths, weaknesses to find out, only his own crazy, can the team with a crazy, crazy and let the whole industry stand up. Then have a way out of joy and boat to cross the bridge of peace of mind.
Gentleman works in this, the present legislature and Dawson. Present yourself to do things well, only in the "Road", and otherwise, it is off by apostasy. Shoe "of the" Where? In fact, we all know, it is the quality, efficiency! Then we put the words engraved in our soul yet? We assume responsibility bravely, practice mission yet? Footwear Mr. Foshan Chuanya 宋传祥 simple sentence saying "the customer is the ultimate choice of my product," represents the footwear industry, "the present." Many years in the shoe ring roll, has forgotten to the end as the beginning, not forgetting the beginning of the heart of the simple pursuit of the dream of the original. Dapeng people always remember "down to earth, a good example for the industry tree, leading the footwear industry and healthy development" of the corporate mission, continue to strengthen internal practice, based on the machinery industry to use, durable basis points to win the famous Italian helped machines ORMAC in 2014 It favors, help China's footwear industry upgrading, to promote the "machine Substitution" surging tide. "Competence" is the result of experience and commitment. Only harbor a dream, the courage to practice the will of the karma of desire, so-called core competence is your "competence" in depth. As long as we conscientiously implement the shoe industry friends to their own "road", the road of the combination, no matter how the world changes, despite the wind and waves, is worth a stroll! Works of this truth, which was changing the policy.

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