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Several major features of rapid freezer
From: 广州市大鹏机器有限公司 Post date: 2015-09-04

Rapid refrigeration machine main features:
1. The machine adopts advanced technology and imported compressor and yuan accessories.
2. Special materials with refrigeration belt adjustment device, can quickly make the shoes an aqueous binder and aggregate stability, to ensure a perfect fit, and after the last shoe glue to keep the best shape, and easy to mold.
3. Strong refrigeration systems, high-speed air flow circulation system, within tens of seconds up to -2 0 ℃.
The track-type air-conditioning, dual automatic doors, high-powered refrigeration systems with automatic defrosting system. Shoe Machinery freezing time is short, good styling effect, and to accelerate the turnaround lasts, reduce production costs.
5. The internal chassis sided with anti-compressed heat insulation material, good insulation properties and may reduce energy consumption.
6. The machine according to the requirements of factory production, manufacture different specifications of size, to accommodate the plant's production requirements.

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