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How to identify common parts of the pros and cons
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2015-09-04

1. The needle plate and feed dog

Speed machine needle plate and feed dog are double, the latter half of a larger force, the operator using an inverted sewing machine for feeding wrench down feeding operation, it is easy injection. In case of injection phenomenon, needle board will be staying, as with good quality needle plate less prone to this phenomenon.

Inspection Methods: Rose knife into the inner feed alveolar needle plate, and side to side, carefully observe whether the force deformation, such as deformation is inferior.

    2. presser

Inspection method: Available pliers bite presser foot and see whether it can bite harder quench the presser foot imprinting, pliers bite not blot (domestic licensing standards GC6-1 type Kopin machine needle plate and presser foot. better quality feed dog. Taiwan's 12481 feed dog screw fastening middle two holes to play there TAI WAN printed word and 12481 digits. This product is durable, easy to feed cusp slipping phenomenon).

3. The selection of Shanghai Diamond needle needle factory production of advanced high-speed Double Diamond, silver, nickel-plated needles. Because most of sewn products companies use the high-speed machines, many sewn products is a new type of waterproof material and chemical synthetic materials, thus requiring the needle to high temperature, generally chrome needle suited, even if available, the effect is not ideal Japanese piano brand machine needle and South Korea and Japan, Qin brand manufacturing companies in Korea piano brand machine better quality needle, smooth surface, use a longer time.

4. Paper intermediate bobbin bobbin the hook Hirose of Japan has "q" mark, the fine print bump, plating smooth and soft, feel smooth and hairless assassination, the inside of the hole left bobbin case is printed as "N", the right side is printed as "T". Hirose hook point while using less prone to burrs. Inferior bobbin holder in the shuttle housing there shaking phenomenon, plating surface is bright, feel there are burrs, uneven rough skin on the hook "q" Printing Office , the hook point hardness is not enough, prone to burrs and blunt tip during use. bobbin skin on the right side of Japan hit the hook Zuo Wen has "MADE IN JAPAN" words, the inside of the hole left bobbin case is printed as "N", the right of the print as "Y", this brand has not been found to have counterfeit products. Shanghai Hua Xin sewing machine parts factory production Jeans brand X-30 high-speed rotary spindle, finer processing technology, and Japan Hirose HSH-7.94B Rotary shuttle are similar products for high-speed sewing machine, with good results.

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