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Military black technology is strong, the uav is new and handsome.
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2018-05-04

Sichuan ao potential technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "ao potential technology") has recently received A round of financing from pan Lin capital. The financing after the success of the proud potential guoliang, founder of the science and technology, said: "the proud potential science and technology is committed to complete unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) solutions to different industries, lead new requirements to new technology, relying on excellent research and development capabilities, for users from all walks of life to deliver efficient solution, the actual business is now in the land surveying and mapping, public safety, power patrol, resource exploration and environmental protection and other fields have a wide range of applications.
   End of potential science and technology was founded in 2015, is currently the domestic top level industry research and development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) production company, its potential science and technology, the founder of guoliang previously has been evaluated by "fortune" magazine for two consecutive years 2016, 2017 annual "China business elite" under the age of 40, 40.
   Company's products for small vertical take-off and landing of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) motor system, application of flight height in 150 ~ 5000 meters, cruise at 70 km/hour speed around city security patrol, anti-terrorism contingency, environmental monitoring, etc. Company research and development of founding team and core members mainly from the famous aerospace research institutes in the field of national defence, belong to domestic drones industry experienced top talent, professional structure integrity. In march, 2016, I completed the multi-million yuan angel round financing of xinyuan capital.

At present, the consumption level of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market pattern, whereas industry-level unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is full of opportunities, particularly in the police, fire control, logistics, security, a vast market and is still in the early stages of development, the user needs to leading technology enterprises innovation, products meet the demand of more complex scenarios, this process will gradually form a pattern of industry.
   Proud potential technology to master the key subsystems of core technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has complete professional disciplines and highly efficient research and development design tool chain, capable of continuous research and development, production, iterative first-class products. In addition to the domestic, the company also has a good sales start overseas, the overseas pan-security market for the next three years is expected to its huge demand. The black horse companies that are good at mastering core technology will win.
    Partner Liu Yuheng said: "military field has been the important origin of innovation of science and technology, and the embodiment of the national strategy is not only the traditional sense of the word" conversion "and" people join the army ", by encouraging more embodied in the country have professional technical background and solid experience in engineering team entrepreneurship, for combining the intellectual resources and capital market, cultivating a batch of mastery "dual-use technology" the quality of enterprise, pull the civil equipment manufacturing level of ascension in the meantime, with the traditional military enterprise positive interaction and common development.
    Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is a typical dual-use technology carrier, which plays a very important role in military and industrial fields as a general-purpose intelligent flight platform. Early rock like a proud have strong military background of potential science and technology team, the transformation of domestic leading technology in the field of civil, provide military industry, civil industry price level products, leading the progress of the whole industry level unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)."

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