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What did the wedding shoes look like in the qing dynasty?
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2018-05-04

These shoes are a few centuries of shoes, look the modelling is still so beautiful and elegant! Ha ha

This pair seems to be the shoes of the foreign princess. It looks pretty.

Here are some ancient Chinese shoes.

War boots in the warring states period.

This is a pair of imitating the south - dynasty "xie gong" the form of the clogs.

During the sui and tang dynasties, ethnic exchanges, social opening and minority insoles were introduced into the central plains. At that time, fashionable shoes such as hooded shoes, hooded shoes, etc. This is one of the styles.

The top of the shoe is the top of the shoe. The great tang empire entered the heyday of social development, and the style of the shoes was also reached to the peak. This pair of tang and three colored shoes were typical of the tang dynasty circuses.

In the tang dynasty, the high head often protruded two sharp corners, like split ends, men and women wearing. It is also called "qitou shoe". The shape of the shoes began in the western zhou dynasty, followed by the tang dynasty.

Hemp shoe belongs to sandal class. In ancient times, it was made of hemp thread, silk cord was woven, and the vamp was formed in the middle, which began in the tang dynasty. Hemp shoes are light and can be woven into various patterns. After the kaiyuan, women are more than the shoes, the color is more than the color, also has the color.

Jin lian used to refer to the feet of women. The latter is a small shoe. The origin of the theory is varied, and historians generally believe that the golden lotus began in the five dynasties. After li's master ordered the maid to make a bow and dance on the golden lotus stage, she called it "three inch golden lotus". From the court to the folk, the formation of women's fiber is small enough for the beauty, for your folk customs.

Women's cloth shoes in qing dynasty.

Court men's cloth shoes in qing dynasty.

   Qing dynasty flower pelvic floor shoes manchu women like to wear long gown, walking inconvenience, then add a high base on the sole. The bottom of the sole is round, shaped like a flowerpot, hence the name. The saucers shoes by the wood floor, wrapped in a layer of cloth, soles made horseshoe-shaped, so also called horseshoe shoes, walk the thrum rhythmic, legend has it that the manchu put on this kind of shoes can drive the snake, the snake heard the voice of the walk, will be far away from. The other said women wear long skirt, saucers shoes can make the body up, and more slender body, also due to the special shape of shoes, women's walking distance is double arm back and forth, more graceful shape.

   Bridal chamber in qing dynasty wedding shoes This pair of pink "huangdi zhuxue" was married into the bridal chamber when the bride's shoes, shoes inside the pornograph, is newlywed couples sex education, and is unique in the world, with shoes as * * transmission tool. On the night of the bridal chamber, the pre-marital sex education with sleeping shoes is a great invention in China's fertility culture, expressing the urgency of parents' expectation of "getting a child early".

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