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Please use your performance to prove your excellence!
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2018-05-04

Where does your salary come from?

Why does the boss pay you?

   Without the rapid development and high profits of enterprises, employees can not get a good salary. Only when the company makes money can employees get better returns. In a sense, making money for the company is about getting a raise.
   Whatever you do, you have to prove that you are a valuable asset to the company and that you can help the company make money. Who makes more achievements for the company, whose salary is higher.
   Bill Gates: "the people who make money for the company are the people who need it most."

2. No credit, toil is "white labor"

   Companies want results, not processes.
   In a business, employees no matter how hard they work, if they are inefficient and fail to make a performance, all the hard work is in vain and all the efforts are worthless.

We pursue positive results.

It is our job to be productive and to pursue a good result in everything we do.
We are opposed to just saying no, and we are against doing it.
You can only get the ideal return if you work hard and diligently.
2. The degree of recognition of employees' value depends on the number of employees' achievements.
3. We insist on the acquisition and promotion of performance as the starting point of management, and take the performance level as the basis for the effectiveness of the assessment management.
4. The work value and market value determine the employee's allocation benchmark, and the performance level determines the actual acquisition of employees.

Three, white cat black cat, catch rat is good cat.

Performance is the most powerful proof of value.。

What are the standards of good employees? Results! This is the age of the hero of results, which is the test of all times as a result.

Four, no performance is to exploit the enterprise.

It is a waste of company resources to take the boss's salary without thinking about it. Employees cannot create value for the company, they are exploiting the enterprise.

Five, use first-class performance to hold the boss's heart.

   Every boss will leave behind only those who have the best business skills for their own good. The pie doesn't fall from the sky, and the boss will only reuse you if you work hard and get some results.
   As a business entity, the company must rely on profits to maintain its development, and to develop it requires every employee in the company to contribute their strength and talents. The company is a battlefield where employees try to prove their performance, and employees prove their only rule is performance.
   Anytime, anywhere, if you don't make a performance, you're going to be a discarded chess piece.
    Enterprises need is able to solve problems, hard-working staff, rather than those who once made a certain contribution, but now I can't keep up with the pace of enterprise development, self-righteous, do nothing.
   No amount of hard work is useless without performance.

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