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Old brand shoes for LOGO? What do you think?
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2018-10-09

When it comes to domestic sports brands -- "hui li", you are no stranger!

Especially for the older generation of parents, "hui li" shoes bear the memory of youth. In that era, a pair of hui li shoes cost about 10 yuan, which is more glorious than having a pair of adidas or Nike shoes today.

Today, "hui li" shoes are still very fashionable, has become the first choice of many young fashion brands.

It is not only loved by a large number of fans and stars at home, but also attracted attention abroad.

Back in 2008, the elvish prince bloom was photographed on the set of I love you in Manhattan.

In a demonstration in Orlando, more and more Hollywood stars are wearing Chinese sneakers. For a while, the design style of "hui li ball shoes" became popular abroad.

When it comes to the "hui li" LOGO, it started in 1927, when hui li was founded in Shanghai.

The LOGO of the shoes of hui li is still 1934, graduated from the hangzhou academy of fine arts yuan shulin design, it is said that the inspiration of the trademark came from the western Warrior, and combined with the ancient Chinese fable "houyi archery day", thus formed the trademark of hui li, Chinese is called "hui li", English is called "Warrior", translated into the meaning of Warrior.

By 1956, it had become the exclusive sneaker of athletes.

Because of the fire, "hui li" has also faced trademark registration events, Shanghai hui li shoes co LTD officials said that at that time they do not know how to protect their trademarks.

So much so that an American company with an "eye" took the lead and registered the trademark "warrior" in Europe and America.

As a result, in the United States, and even across Europe, it cannot expand its brand share.

Tips on intellectual property rights of Dr. Biao:

In recent years, the time-honored enterprise trademarks registered incidents are also common.

As the saying goes, "the market is not moving, and the trademark is first", so the enterprise must make a good intellectual property layout in advance to build a bridge for the long-term development of the enterprise.

Let old brand enterprises a new shining.

But after a loss, "resilience" has learned its lesson and learned how to protect its intellectual property.

Some time ago, a net friend found that the shoes changed LOGO!

The new LOGO USES an abstract symbol, W. The designer designed the first letter W of the WARRIOR WARRIOR.

From the bankruptcy of the past to the birth of the new force.

"Hui li" has been continuously improving the brand and firmly grasping the market positioning. It has gained a new life and a large number of fans.

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