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New year new machine 丨 Automatic gluing machine
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2020-01-04

Founded in 1995, the first domestic helper was born here. It broke the situation of foreign technology monopoly

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-D-589CM This machine is suitable for all kinds of men's and women's shoes.

-The specifications of the sweeping knife and the tightening device are complete, suitable for any type of shoes for men and women.

-The machine adopts gear, rack and ratchet design to adjust the height of the auxiliary support platform quickly and accurately;

-This machine is suitable for general midsole and soft-soled shoes lasting height below 170mm;

-The machine has a device for finely adjusting the height of the lasting gang, which is easy to adjust and accurate in positioning;

-The second time the hoisting platform is designed to increase the pressure of the hoist, and cooperate with the knife heating device to improve the lasting effect, make the finished product flat without horns, and improve the quality of shoes.

型号  D-589CM
产量  2000Pairs/8h
功率  1.5KW
工作压力  4MPa
电热 1.2KW
净重 580kg
机械尺寸  1200*760*1650mm

Dapeng adheres to its inner conviction, constantly strives for excellence, and always keeps in mind the corporate mission of “down-to-earth, set a good example for the industry, and guide the healthy development of the shoe industry”, continuously strengthen internal cultivation, and serve you with a grateful heart! Choosing Dapeng machines is even more powerful! Choosing Dapeng is to choose a pragmatic, responsible and honest equipment supplier!

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