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In addition to tax and fee reductions, what are the "coups" for companies to get out of trouble
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2020-03-25

With the concentration of the company's full-time resumption of work, the office will become another "main battlefield" for epidemic prevention and control. In addition to daily disinfection and control, there are more important things-taking orders, re-production, stable operation, and fast operation. In short, it is necessary to drive back the delayed time.

Relying on external assistance is unrealistic in itself. To overcome difficulties, the most reliable thing is to rely on enterprises to help themselves. If the reduction of taxes and fees does not solve the urgent needs of enterprises, try these five methods, which may give enterprises and managers more choices.

The first trick: upstream and downstream collaboration to overcome difficulties

Upstream and downstream collaboration can make the time difficult. History has proven that with this cohesive force of upstream and downstream heating, it can not only drive the industrial chain, but also promote business innovation, and ultimately bring benefits to customers. And any business model that can bring benefits to customers will eventually bring rich returns to the enterprise.

The second trick: different industry alliances for customers

The content of products and services is different, but it is possible that the end users are the same target group. In this case, at a very moment, why can't customers (demands) be shared? Centralized supply between different companies, one-stop direct, also reduces the risk of multiple direct contact with customers, shortens the customer's waiting time, which is equivalent to customers' centralized purchasing.

The third trick: FireWire innovation to think of coups

What does Wuling do? car. Not all right. SAIC-GM-Wuling, a well-known "cosmic car" manufacturer, took only three days from the idea of producing masks to the first batch of masks to go offline. The key is to only sell or not to sell, which not only solves the shortage of masks in the regional market, but also brings real care to Wuling's end users.

At the critical moment, this is not only a question of pattern and awareness, but also a problem of business innovation: after the epidemic, Chinese people ’s awareness and action on virus prevention and control at home will be a huge blue ocean market. Why ca n’t this be part of corporate innovation?

Fourth move: business transformation is right

Off line, can it be online? Traditional terminals are not reliable, can e-commerce be okay?

If in the past few years, many companies are still lying in the "comfort zone"-making money in traditional businesses, and taking Internet innovation and open source as optional ideas, then the current epidemic moment provides enterprises with an excellent The key point of transformation: full-speed transformation line, learn benchmarking, do research and development, in the shortest time, continuously iterate the product and accept market inspection. This uncertainty can help companies realize cash immediately, but entrepreneurs need to understand that at this time to promote the company's business transformation, product change, and team upgrade is the best time to force yourself to make up your mind.

Fifth trick: hard work to increase strength

Love will eventually pass, and spring will always come. After this time, business will be normal. Therefore, being able to carry it, at least longer than segregating the pharaoh, is also an important part of getting through the difficulties. Without it, there is only inner strength.

On the one hand, we must stick to it and solve the immediate problem through open source and throttling. On the other hand, we must not relax the team's internal capabilities, we cannot relax process reengineering, and we cannot relax strategic design.

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