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The inventor of the automatic heel nailing machine-Sabah
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2020-11-10

Italy Sabah S-583AM automatic nailing machine

①The German engineer Karl Benz invented the automobile and founded the world-famous Daimler-Benz Company in the 18th century. He became the pioneer of the modern automobile industry and was called the "father of automobiles and the originator of automobiles."

②The Wright brothers, the famous American inventor, successfully tested a fully controlled aircraft that remained stuck in the air without landing on December 17, 1903, which was the world's first "Aviator One." The airplane is one of the greatest inventions in history. Some people have listed it as the three greatest inventions in the 20th century that have the greatest impact on mankind. The invention of the airplane changed human transportation, economy, production and daily life, and at the same time changed military history.

③Bagilli, the founder of the Italian Sabah Group, successfully invented a fully automatic nailing and binding machine in the last century, which has brought good news to women's shoe manufacturers around the world and made an immortal contribution to the development of women's shoes. At the same time, it is also a pioneer in helping China move from a big shoe-making country to a shoe-making power.

▲From Italian technology

Mercedes-Benz produces cars,

It gives people a feeling of driving pleasure and noble and majesty;

Airplane is a kind of travel tool,

Give people a fast and aviation-level VIP experience;

Sabah machine is not only a high-quality product, it is also authoritative and professional!

Dapeng sticks to its inner beliefs, continuously pursues excellence, always keeps in mind the corporate mission of "down-to-earth, set a good example for the industry, and guide the healthy development of the shoe industry", continuously strengthen internal training, and serve you wholeheartedly with a grateful heart! Choose a Dapeng machine, and it will be even more powerful! Choosing Dapeng means choosing an equipment supplier who is pragmatic, responsible and honest!

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