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Four-layer waist panel, D-889ASM middle-back machine with twelve waist fingers
From: Guangzhou Rocmachine Co., Ltd Post date: 2020-11-10

Originated from top Italian technology
In 1999, Deslo and the Italian SABAL Sabah Group reached a technical cooperation, becoming the first domestic shoe machine manufacturer with Italian intellectual property rights.

Everyone in the middle and rear gang is most concerned about how to ensure that the inner waist is stuck to the last, especially for women's shoes with a larger curvature. The new generation of D-889ASM of Desloh innovatively designs a four-layer waist panel to take care of the inner waist of women's shoes. With the characteristic of large arc, the twelve waist fingers press the whole waist position together, and every subtlety is supported by its due.

-D-889ASM uses Siemens computer touch screen control system, and has 64 groups of memory storage. Real-time running status is displayed in full-process animation. The lasting operation of the middle and back parts of the shoes can be completed at one time.

-There are three intelligent operation modes, namely, automatic mode, semi-automatic mode and manual mode.

-The setting of the lasting parameters (stroke and time) are all entered in numerical mode and equipped with key protection to prevent improper changes by unauthorized personnel.

-The middle upper is equipped with 6 groups of independent side pressure mechanisms, and is specially designed to automatically identify the left and right feet.

-The holding mechanism has an automatic balance function, which automatically fits with the arc of the middle upper, and the inner waist sticks tightly to the last, and can set two pressure actions.

-The middle upper uses 4 layers of rubber sheets to stabilize the waist upper and ensure a smooth upper and no dead ends.

-Equipped with a clamp on the inner and outer waist. The clamp clamps the upper and then tightens it inward to make the inner waist upper close to the shoe last and achieve a perfect lasting effect.

-The glue brushing adopts a servo-controlled floating glue brushing rod, and hot-melt adhesive strips are directly used to bond the upper glue, eliminating the need for manual glue brushing.

-The brush stroke length of the two brush sticks can be set directly by the handle, and it is very simple to modify the brush length.

-The opening range of the left and right brushing rods can be set by the corresponding adjusting device.

-Suitable for shoe lasts longer than 160mm, and the longest brush stroke is 230mm.

-In the back and middle parts, there are multiple brushing operation modes to choose from, and the glue output speed can also be steplessly adjusted.

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