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ORMAC was founded in 1951, has been more than 60 years of history now,this thanks to the fusion and huge investment of Cucchetti and Torielli two family .
In 1959, ORMAC assembled his first lasting machine, this is the only such machines made in Italy.And this year is a turning point in the history of ORMAC.
In 1966, ORMAC produced his first models 730, then launched models of 740.In 1973,ORMAC became a symbol of technology and became a legendary in shoe machine field, the birth of the oil pressure heel laster nailing machine 750, are still in use, it become a ageless myth in the world.And now, ORMAC have TRACER and 833 series, 795 series of heel seat&side lasting machine,waist area by rod hot melt cement with heel seat tack, 750 series of heel laster nailing machine and used for outsole roughing of ROTOR SPEED series.
In 2002, ORMAC was granted by the international authority DNV the most important and coveted which can fully guarantee the machine quality and qualification certification book in global ‘s favour of “UNIENISO9001/2008."
At present, ORMAC’s founding family together with excellent Rocmachine still to strict management and services,they devote themselves to high quality technology research, development, innovation and provide the corresponding solutions to participate in China's high-end footwear industry.
Services to the footwear industry has more than 60 years of ORMAC, in order to maintain the good reputation and image of its own, strict implementation and to ensure that all products of 100% original in Italy ,ROC machine sincerely promise that we will be zero distance service.

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