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R-9980C Double-Layer Infrared Assembly Line

◆Two upper and lower layers are set for the conveyer, and the shoe soles are put on the upper layer, and the vamps are put on the lower layer. The oven can independently control and set temperature according to different materials, so its heating speed is fast with high efficiency. Its heating time is 1/3 of that of ordinary additional electric heating ovens, so it can save space and electric energy greatly;
◆The imported low-dazzling filtering infrared (NIR) light pipe is adopted, which can evenly heat the inside and outside of glue layer. It is matched with a heated air circulation system, so it can dry and activate the glue steadily at a high speed;
◆ Air suction and exhausting devices are equipped for the oven and the rubber-brushing position. The can effectively eliminate waste gases, like the collosol smell inside the oven, etc. so as to ensure the physical and mental health of staff members and to achieve the environmental protection requirement;
◆The SCR simulated 4-20mmA high-accuracy thermostatic control system is adopted, which can accurately control the temperature and the luminance of infrared rays;
◆Adjustable shoe-laying shelf is suitable for al l kinds of shoes, and the 25-cun high boots can be hung upside down;
◆The edges of working platform, product inspection platform and conveyer are al l covered with stainless-steel elegant in appearance and easy to be cleaned.


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