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R-618B The Advanced Vacuum Vulcanizing Machine

Model: R-618B
Name: The Advanced Vacuum Vulcanizing Machine

Machine size:47000×1340×2600mm
Power: 24KW
Mean power: 14.4KW

Technical parameters:

◆Heated bins in being above the hot air heated up just in the collection box, the switch temperature difference of only 5 ℃, less demand for heat.
◆Hybrid power
◆Vacuum drying temperature of boiling evaporation of low demand
◆All closed environment, greatly reducing heat loss energy Characteristics
◆The machine uses steam spray device, the first jet wet shoe, and then rapid heating
and drying, apply again and again vacuum forming, so that upper head with a vacuum-last match;
◆German original vacuum pump, durable, vacuum time for 3-5 minutes, adjust the
temperature according to different materials in order to achieve the best results;
◆The machine is sealed heating, low energy consumption, low noise, saving shoe last,
lower manufacturing costs; such as pressure by the natural cooling after the end of
10-15 minutes later, the increase of the hardness after the set, after the effect of
de-stretch better .
Intuitive control: the touch-screen set temperature, time, and directly showing the
parameters of transformation; temperature small: switch door, only to provide 5 ℃

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