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R-628C The advanced vaccuum Vulcanizing machine


()  Heating,Energy Saving Device

1.The heat air circulation heating box,ensure that every corner of temperature  is evenly.

2.Reduce heat energy loss,pioneering front rear door ajar or fully open design,high efficiency and energy saving.

3.Patented hybrid power technology,mixed use the heating tube and the infrared heating pipe in the heating box.

()Steam,Vaccuum System.

1.This is the only vulcanizing in the market  machine  can  realize  automatic supplementary water ,ensure  the  steam  supply,

    romove  the impurity after lasting.

2.The unique design of the rack.

3.Installation of water tank,the floating ball to prevent water leakage bad,full water overflow device,water shortage will alarm,

    those device can ensure there will always have steam intervention.

4. Installation of a device to prevent the vaccuum box crushed shoe after sudden outage and not air.

()Function Characteristics.

1.The shoe holder syays on the height from the ground to the location of 580mm,before and after put shoes is more convenient.

2.Shoes rack layer uses collapsible connected structure,more convenient for high boots,shoes conversion.

3.With not need for any additional adjustment,will be loaded back to the last time.

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