Brand Integration
CHALLENGER TRACER Fully automatic computer program toe laster

1)  Programmable PATENTED system for anti-bending toe support , for point shoe and soft insole .

2)  Programmable wipers speed.the wiper with the shear can cut  the leather of the toe , avoid too fat on the toe of the shoe (*) 

3)  Teflon toe band blocking system with adjustable differentiated  pressures with 5 / 7 cylinders

4)  Triple rise foot support with programmable positions and speed

5)  Pincers openclose pull-down , slip with programmable positions

6)  PATENTED movable head with programmable positions

7)  Self-adapting automatic PATENTED left / right backpart blocking device

8)  Touch screen with multilingual colour programmable system, 150 work programs storage .

9)  Programs backup and restore unit ,the program can copy to  other machine .

10)  Cementing paths easy to memorize, perfectly adaptable to any type of toe / very pointed, round, asymmetrical or square

11)  Hermetic cement closure system to avoid undesired cement leaks from the nozzles in rest phase,accuracy in the thermo/ cement application .

12)  System for Goodyear welt work

13)  Electronic functions of counter and self test

14)  Foot support with programmable inclinations (*)

15)  Lateral pressures pads (*)

16)  Movable independent programmable ball pincers (*)

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