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833T Automatic computer program toe laster

Application video

1) Programmable PATENTED system for anti-bending toe support , for point shoe and soft insole .

2) PATENTED movable head with programmable positions (*)

3) Foot support with programmable speed and position.

4) Teflon toe band blocking with  five cylinder ,adjustable differentiated pressures

5) Pincers open close pull-down , slip with programmable positions

6) Self-adapting automatic PATENTED left / right backpart blocking deviceand  identification the size .

7) Touch screen with multilingual colour programmable system 100 work programs storage .

8) Programs backup and restore unit the program can copy to other machine .

9) Cementing paths easy to memorize, perfectly adaptable to any type of toe / very  pointed, round, asymmetrical or square

10) Polyamide (or polyester) rod hot melt cement injection system entirely obtained  by two programmable independent tracers from the toe to the ball / waist area the nozzle can work on the toe of the sharp point shoe

11) System for Goodyear welt work

12) Toe pincers with ultra fast changing system (*)

13) Self-adapting automatic PATENTED left / right backpart blocking device (*)

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