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ROLLER 880 FLEX Heel seat and side laster

Application video

(1) Heel seat and side lasting by tacks

(2) Colour multilingual programmable touch screen,100 available programs

(3) Hydraulic noiseless tacking ,Work possibility up to 26 tacks

(4) Automatic recognition of the shoe length at the moment of blocking

(5) Programmable wipers for opening-closing and left-right position , Wipers with adjustable temperature

(6) Adjustable the side group

(7) Tacking of the heel seat with inclined drivers for perfect riveting of the tacks

(8) Tack pot arranged for the use of 2 different lenghts of tacks

(9) In/out adjustable tacking position

(10) Pair of pincers with independent vertical draft

(11) Pair of servo-assisted PATENTEDpincers for diagonal alternated left or right independent draft

(12) Last post outward movement with blocked shoe

(13) Last post with special flexing for delicate uppers

(14) Programmable last post with adjustable ring nut

(15) Last post for special lasts (*)

(16) Adjustable heel band pressure

(17) Helical rolls for side lasting

(18) Program adjustable side tacking

(19) Work in 2 phases

(20) Automatic cycle starting

(21) Cycle for boots

(22) Soft positioning system ,Last post with special flexing

(23) Sides tacking with 2 different lenghts of tacks (*)

(24) Excellent reliability(*)

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