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AV2 CUM SLUB Special skiving machine

This machine use for skiving quite thin(below 1.2mm) hot melt,with high precisiom of skiving and process scope It is the necessary equipment of all kinds of high-end shoe and leather goods making.

(1) Equipped with adjustable spray round knife cooling system to ensure that the round knife will not over heat duiring skiving.And plus a special steel feeding wheel,suitable skiving all kinds of hot melt adhesive materials.

(2)   Advance electronic stepless speed regulating feeding system,skiving control by pedal and automatic two ways, The feeding speed and control way can do any setting according to the characteristic of leather and the proficiency of operators ,The operator can skiving various shapes of workpieces without experience.

(3)   Equipped with enlarged waste boxes and cooling liquid boxes,will be environmental protection during production process.

(4)   Sharpen knife system,with the on-off switch,greatly to reduce the unnecessary part wear,improve the service life.

(5)   There are various types of presser foot and feed wheel for optional,so that can meet any technical requirements of processing.

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