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AV2 TECNO TEV Skiving Machine With Microprocessor

This high precision skivng machine control process skiving by computer.It can change the workpiece programme at any moment during skiving.Do Without ajust the machine that finish difference material and difference type skiving.Especially suit for small-lot,multispecies and high precision skiving.

1. The machine can be use 50 different types of presser foot (stored 50 kinds program of presser foot.

2. Each presser foot can be arranged and stored 50 different skiving program.

3. Each parameters of skiving is make up by 4 parameters, the skiving Angle, skiving thickness, skiving width and skiving speed..

4. Can setting the automatic feeding speed by program,or control the feeding speed by foot pedal.

1.Skiving parameters(Angle,thichness,width and speed) is visualization and procedural.

2.The man-machine dialogue operation system (touch screen), it's easy to operate.

3.There are different model presser foot for use(Various of steel and teflon presser foot). Standard


4.There are variety styles of feeding wheel (steel feed wheel, sand feeding wheel and rubber wheel).

5.With functions of automatic sharpening knife system (setting the parameter by the program and automatic sharpening), or sharpening knife by manual knife.

6.With functions of automatic positioning the round knife (Setting parameter to automatic positioning by procedures and automatic compensation consumption)

7.Two kinds of feeding mode for selection: control feeding by automatic and foot pedal.

8.The speed of round knife is between 500~1600rpm, stepless speed regulating.

9.With the function of skiving the middle of leather goods.

10.Stongly dust collection system,which can guarantee the health of operator and cleanly working environment.

11.Using FAV Standard consumables and parts.

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