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D-687E Computerized full automatuic cementing toe Lasting Machine


Fully hydraulic operation system and high low voltage circuit designing, stable operating system.the hydraulic system pressure and speed control located outside of machine easier monitoring and adjusting.

PLC control electrical system, touch screen and graphical operating system, 100 sets actions saving or delete function, and self-check function.

The parameter (time and stroke) settings are numerical input, with the key protection in case non-authorized changing.

Back and forth adjustment of Internal and external of Last support according to various type of shoes size quick to adjust the relative position between last support and middle pincer.(maximum 10 mm)

There are two step2 raise movement for the last support with pincer slipping system, effectively preventing to break the uppers.

Last support and injectors quick replacing. It can be changed instantly according to the insole shape.

The size of shoe adjustment in pincer plate is synchronous moving and independence two section ,quick and accurately.

Unique middle pincer and second pincer quick changing equipment, changing the pincers quickly without any tools, quickly change the shoes shape.

The fifth pincer automatic rotary movement increases the lasting perfection of inner part.

All-around forming band and specially tracked wipers with direct heating system ensure uppers more evenly and closely attached to last after lasting ,the surface becomes more beautiful and quality upgraded.

Excellent forming band removing system effectively reduce the replacing time.

The machine is equipped with auxiliary wiper mechanism and toe position projector.

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