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S-50-7V Computerized Automatic Heel-nailing (screw) Machine

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Has more features,optional center screw twisting system;

Optional 7orl4 channel nail box;

This machine can use for all kinds of men's and women's shoe heel nailing work.

The nail box can supply 115 nails.The nail length is between lO-25mm.

It can use the computerized touch screen to choose the nailing sequences It is very easy to operate and convinence to operate.

The use of 2 different nails lengths is practical and quick.

The safety protection device is used for accident prevention measures.

The advanced hydropheumatic cylinder can adjust automaticly to fit any kind of heel. Location accurately and protect the heel.

Every nails with seperately nailing control function.

The selection nail angle can avoid to penetrate through the shoe heel.

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