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R-318-3 Upper soften steaming machine


This machine is suitable for the steam and soften the Vamp before mounding and wrapping, after put the hot melt adhesive materials to this machine, by the strong hot air and steam,it will be soft and wet, make the leather wool stoma rapid expansion, enhance the effect of tensile; Hot melt adhesive rapid softening under strong hot air blowing boiling.after this,it will lower the hardness of vamp and promote the rate of qualified



1) Rapid heating, the machine reach to practical temperature in five minutes

2) Rapid steam – reach to practical steam in five minutes

3) This machine make by full stainless materials, prevent rust and corrosion, wibb be durable

4)Stratified heating – after put the vamp into the machine,strong steam and hot air only blow the glue,it will bw a good bonding effect.

5) reasonable energy saving -- upper and inside,can be separatly respectively set in a required. Temperature.

6) Partition time---This machine partition four working position,after put the vamp in to working position, each working position will automatic time,after take the vamp out,it will stop time.


1) Using high-temperature hot air three-phase motor, with good stability

2) Prohibit heating by itself without wind, ensure the service life of machine.

3)Heating system under the condition of water shortage, automatic alarm and alarm, and automatically banned steam heating system, prevent dry reef heating system life is

4) Strong hot air temperature can be set up according to the actual demand, avoid burns the vamp.

5) Steam temperature can be set.

6) if any system are failure, the control panel will warn.

Technical parameters


Power: 5.6KW


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