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D-887ASM Computer Intelligent Track Gluing Front Lasting Machine

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-The etrical system adopts Siemens system, with.oloful tuchscreen mutilianguage and 80setsofshoe-shaped memory storage.

-Two independentbrush pens and programmable gluing paths on the sreecen be pplied to any shoes toes: pointround square toes or asymmetic toes.

-The gluing systemwill atataraialyshut downto prevent glue leakage. Whenthe glue penisina non-workingstate.

-The iner support can be second section ,and The rising positionandspeedcanbe programmed.

-The five pinthydraulic Teflon tensioner can djutifferete pressures and make the lasting lines more solid

-Quick dsassembly and assembly of the frsthre pincer. and replacementonlyafew seconds.

-Open, close, pull down and sidle of pincer can be programmed.

- Pincer plate contour 20m and angle adjustmentdesign.The second and third sets of pincer can be rotated to adjust the positionof pincer plate acordingntoth widthof

dffere shoe sapesving times to adjusting the rrangement of pncerduring shoe lstreplacement and ensuringthe ftetweenstne uper clamping and shoe lashape,

-The pessing headis seciallyy designed for scondarypressing and programmable desgn, whichgreatly improves thesiffet.

-Wiper stroke can be programed. Sissrs configured sweeper anremove exces leather whenmaking point shape shoes.

- Automatic identification of left and right feet,and size codes.

-Machine fault prompt and slfichecking function.

- Nine pincer canbe opened independently.

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