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Fav 300 precision leather machine with blade Italian shoe machine

The machine is mainly used for the thin processing of leather materials, with high precision and wide processing range, which can meet a variety of chipping processes. The new fav300 leather machine with blades is equipped with a more advanced PLC electronic control system, which is one of the important equipment that can not be abandoned in shoe making and leather production.

Technical characteristics

1. Equipped with PLC and large screen display, the adjustment parameters of the machine are clear at a glance;

2. Equipped with feeding system stepless speed regulation, it can meet the chipping requirements of different leather materials;

3. Electric adjustment of chipping thickness, simple, convenient and accurate chipping operation;

4. Equipped with automatic material return function, it can be used for the processing of forks;

5. Equipped with chipping and dust absorption device, the production process is clean and environmental protection;

6. Equipped with one active feeding roller;

7. Equipped with 1 fixed upper feeding rod.

Optional device

Steel or rubber feeding roller to meet the feeding and processing of various types of leather.

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